Completed projects

Below you can browse the completed research projects of former early stage researchers in the MR section.

Post doc Saket Patel: Investigating brain metabolism with hyperpolarized magnetic resonance


Post doc Stefano Cerri: Computational Imaging Biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis

Post doc Sotirios Katsikis: Fluidics for Hyperpolarized Metabolic Magnetic Resonance


Post doc Christoffer OlssonMagnetic Imaging of Nerve Structure and Function


Post doc Hasan Hüseyin Eroğlu: MR electric impedance tomography for dose control of transcranial electric stimulation


PhD student Fróði Gregersen: Mapping of current induced magnetic fields in the human brain using ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging

PhD student Sofie Rahbek: Development of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods for Radiotherapy Response Studies

PhD student Jonathan Scharff Nielsen: CT metal artifact reduction using MRI for radiotherapy

PhD student Sveinn Pálsson: Prediction of tumor grade and tumor recurrence from multimodal imaging data

PhD student Maria Ines Ferraz Meyer: Impact of multi-center/multi-scanner follow-up on the evaluation of the progression of atrophy and lesions in multiple sclerosis

PhD student Guilherme Bicalho Saturnino: Computational Modelling and Optimization of Electric Fields Generated by Transcranial Brain Stimulation (Completed November 2020)

Post doc Arthur César Pinon: Transportable Hyperpolarized Metabolites for Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Photo Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (Completed 2020)

Oula Puonti: Computational tools to analyze structural magnetic resonance scans of the brain

PhD student Cristina Pasquinelli: Combining ultrasound brain stimulation with MR imaging (Completed October 2019)

PhD student Mürsel Karadas: Highly Sensitive Magnetic Sensing of Neural Activity (Completed August 2019)

PhD student Andreas Boeg: Chemical reactions and intermediates followed by DNP-NMR (Completed July 2019)

PhD student Rie Beck Hansen: Hyperpolarized Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Completed July 2019)

PhD student Tine Kliim Nydahl: Metabolic Responses to Bacterial Pathogens (Terminated July 2019)

Postdoc Andrea Capozzi: Making nuclear polarization storage possible: new photo-induced non-persistent radical species for dissolution DNP (Completed June 2019)

PhD student Mohammed Albannay: Triple resonant electromagnetic structures for polarization transfer in DNP (Completed July 2019)

PhD student Daniel Højrup Johansen: Cryogenic Single and Array Coils for Magnetic Resonance Systems (Completed March 2019)

PhD student Rafael Antonio Baron: Cryogenic Receiver Array Coils for Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance (Terminated December 2018)

Postdoc Juan Diego Sánchez: Highly efficient cryogenic resonators (Completed November 2018)

PhD student Ronja Malinowski: dDNP as a method to assess altered cellular metabolism in vitro (Completed December 2018)

Postdoc Joachim Møllesøe Vinther: Dissolution DNP related MR-techniques (Completed August 2018)

PhD student Jan Ole Pedersen: Encoding of non-MR signals in Magnetic Resonance Imaging data (Completed May 2018)

Postdoc Oula Puonti: Computational tools to analyze structural magnetic resonance scans of the brain (April 2018)

PhD student Cihan Göksu: A Novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Approach for Measuring Weak Electric Currents in Body Tissue (Completed November 2017)

PhD student Abubakr Eldirdiri: Early detection of response to treatment in cancer by Hyperpolarized Metabolic MR (Completed June 2017)

Postdoc Oleksandr Rybalko: Millimeter and submillimeter Waves in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signal Enhancement (Completed January 2017)

PhD student Kasper Lipsø: Novel MR contrast agent for angiography and perfusion: Hyperpolarized Water (Completed December 2016)

PhD student Mads Andersen: Prospective motion correction for MRI using EEG-equipment (Completed March 2016)