We are engaged in a number of teaching activities in fields related to Magnetic Resonance.

We teach courses at all levels. We contribute to the Biomedical Engineering and the Sino-Danish Center Research and Education Programs.

We also supervise students doing a BSc, MSc or special project. Projects can be both theoretical and experimental, utilizing our state-of-the-art research facilities. Please contact us if interested. Often we can design a project matching your interests and competences. You can find staff working in the fields of your interests by exploring the section home page, for example.

Due to the center's interdisciplinary nature, we often engage with students from other DTU departments. We also have guest students from other universities, e.g. from the Erasmus Exchange program.

We have a number of work stations for project students, so that you will be able to work close to your Supervisor.

If you have a particular project, a new idea or a Supervisor in mind, feel free to contact us.