Principles and Applications of Dissolution DNP

In November 2017 HYPERMAG hosted a practical course on Principles and Applications of Dissolution DNP.

30 early stage researchers from 17 different universities in Europe, United States of America and the Middle East all travelled to DTU in order to participate in a five-day training school on Principles and Applications of Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. 

HYPERMAG Faculty and Organizing Committee members, Professor and Group Leader Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen, Associate Professor Pernille Rose Jensen and Researcher Sean Bowen joined forces with external lecturers Professor Tom Wenckebach (Paul Scherrer Institute), Associate Professor Matthew E. Merritt (University of Florida, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Group Leader Arnaud Comment (University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK).

They put together a program combining expert lectures with hands-on exercises, theory and in vivo/in vitro applications, as well as scientific discussion groups to support the network between these future researchers in the promising field of hyperpolarization. 

The program took full advantage of the state-of-the-art labs of HYPERMAG, and covered topics such as DNP theory, relaxation theory, kinetic modelling, sample formulation, HyperSense and SPINlab polarizers, acquisition strategies, hardware and instrumentation, in vitro and in vivo applications and limitations.

The training school was sponsored by ISMAR (International Society of Magnetic Resonance), GE Healthcare, Merck ISOTEC, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, as well as HYPERMAG funder, the Danish National Research Foundation.

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