In the Magnetic Resonance section we conduct research and teaching within the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in a broad sense,  however particularly in biological systems and medical applications.

Magnetic Resonance (MR) is a powerful technique providing detailed information about the structure and dynamics of molecules (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR) or high-resolution anatomical and functional images (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI). Optical MR techniques can probe cellular mechanisms. MR can be used, for example, to examine the human body's function, metabolism and structure.

NMR and MRI play crucial roles in numerous fields of science ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. We work with methods, hardware and applications in order to open new possibilities in these fields. 

We rely on close collaborations with hospitals in Denmark and abroad, and have several faculty members shared with the DRCMR at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre. We conduct our research with colleagues from a broad range of national and international science centers.