Art on loan from Danish Arts Foundation

Honey Biba Beckerlee's Atom Dukh.

Danish Arts Foundation has generously offered Center for Magnetic Resonance and HYPERMAG Honey Biba Beckerlee's art series Atom Dukh as a five year loan.

Atom Dukh consists of five individual graphical art works from 2016, created through the gravure process aquatinte. Copper plates are covered in dust and a motif created after which the plates are submerged in acid and used for printing the graphical work.

Atom Dukh translates to 'Dust Spirit'. Beckerlee has used cymatics, sound vibrating the copper plates, to realize the motifs. The five works all explore the relation between dust and origin, their titles describing the sound used to make them - The Big Bang, Tectonic Plates Parting, Star V745 SCO Exploding, Spaceship Voyager Entering Interstellar Medium, and Spaceship Stardust Pelted By Dust

Read more about the series and Danish Arts Foundation here.