Funding from Danish Cancer Society to Center for Magnetic Resonance for MRI guided radiotherapy of brain metastases

Friday 01 Sep 17
by Signe Rømer Holm


Lars P Grüner Hanson
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 36 86
Center for Magnetic Resonance participates in a new research collaboration funded by Danish Cancer Society.

9-17 % of all cancer patients will experience that the cancer spreads to their brain, developing secundary metastases. Radiotherapy is one of the most important treatments but toxicity restricts use of more aggressive treatment regimes. 

In a new project funded by Danish Cancer Society, Herlev Hospital, Rigshospitalet and DTU will work together on developing personalized treatment of cancer metastases in the brain through advanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging guided radiotherapy. Through MR scannings at the beginning and middle of radiotherapy the partners will be able to predict the individual patient's reaction to treatment and boost the treatment with the best response.

The project is funded by Danish Cancer Society with a DKK 1.2m grant. Principal Investigator is Senior Scientist and Medical Physics Expert Faisal Mahmood from Herlev Hospital. The project period is 1 Jan 2018 - 30 Nov 2020.

From Center for Magnetic Resonance Associate Professor Lars G. Hanson will participate in the project together with a PhD student.


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