Bachelor Student Projects

Students are always welcome to approach us with ideas for a BSc project. Here are a few former student projects for inspiration.

Signal processing of qdDNP NMR data for metabolic finger printing af cancer: Amalia Matei & Emma Alberte Lundsgaard (Supervisors: Mathilde H. Lerche & Pernille Rose Jensen)

Unravelling the metabolic switching strategy of prostate cancer cells: Julie Schmidt & Heidi Kyung Noddeland (Supervisors: Mathilde H. Lerche & Pernille Rose Jensen)

Kinetic modelling of glycolysis in prostate cancer cells to extract cell redox state: Mathies Brink Sørensen (Supervisors: Magnus Karlsson & Mathilde H. Lerche)

An injection system for hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging: Louise Rovs Frøstrup & Sophia Troldborg Ohmann (Supervisor: Lars G. Hanson)

Construction of a test bed for ultrasound stimulation of the brain: Simon Thor Danielsen (Supervisors: Axel Thielscher & Lars G. Hanson)

Harvesting of energy from field variations occuring during magnetic resonance imaging:Emma Kjær Bertelsen (Supervisor: Lars G. Hanson)

Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Martin Pagh & Rasmus Ravn Andersen (Supervisor: Vitaliy Zhurbenko)

Low Noise Amplifier for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems: Erik Wittendorff Hofman-Bang (Supervisor: Vitaliy Zhurbenko)

Synthesis of isotope labeled substrates for beta-galactosidase and investigations of these: Stine Stampe Madsen (Supervisor: Jens Ø. Duus)

Coils and impedance matching circuits for magnetic resonance applications: Rasmus Lundby Pedersen (Supervisor: Vitaliy Zhurbenko)
27 NOVEMBER 2020